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Mercedes S-Class

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The Mercedes S Class is truly in a luxury class of its own. Mercedes Benz describes the S Class as the most Executive car ever made.

The S Class is built from the finest material to a unbelievable standard, Mercedes have made an excellent car in the S Class. The air suspension ensures that smooth ride is guaranteed in this luxury car, and its also known for being quiet, so that you can enjoy the journey even more. Even more, our long wheel base model ensures plenty of leg room. So you can sit back and enjoy the ride.

The Metallic Platinum paintwork reflects the sunlight beautifully, making the car seem even more vast and imposing. The Mercedes Benz S Class is everything you would expect of a Luxury car; comfort, style and effortless sophistication. You are assured of a classy and an amazing entrance to your wedding. prom, Whatever the occasion travel in style with our Mercedes Benz S Class.

The Mercedes Benz S Class will ensure your special occasion is truly memorable. Arguably the largest car on the planet, hiring a The Mercedes Benz S Class hire is the ultimate statement of class and style. The latest generation of Technology builds on the heritage and history of this amazing marque of quality and luxury.

This car holds up to 4 passengers.

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